IKA Culinary Olympics Regional Teams
2012, Erfurt, Germany

Alberta Regional Culinary Team


Alberta Regional Culinary Team
Alberta Regional Culinary Team
Photo Credit: Alberta Culinary Arts Foundation
L-R: Ivey; Koop; Fedun; Overes; Keith

Manager Vinod Varshney
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonto, Alberta
Coach Fred Zimmerman
Retired, Calgary, Alberta
Resi Mendoza
Pinebrook Golf & Country Club, Calagary, Alberta
Captain Doug Overs, Instuctor
Lethbridge Community College, Lethbridge, Alberta
Team Member Myles Fedun, Commis
Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, Alberta.
Tyler Ivey
Sunrise Village, Lethbridge, Alberta
Peter Keith, Commis
The Hardwear Grill, Edmonton, Alberta
Meaghan Koop, Pastry Chef
Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, Alberta.

Olympic Champion Sweden Stockholm Regional Culinary Team Olympic Champions
2nd Place Canada Alberta Regional Culinary Team
3rd Place Switzerland Aargauer Kochgilde Regional Culinary Team
4th Place United States America Regional Culinary Team
5th Place Switzerland Zurich Circle des Chefs de Cuisine
6th Place Switzerland Lucerne Circle des Chefs de Cuisine
Comments: 46 Regional Teams Competed

Researched and Compiled by Maurice O'Flynn

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