Cartoons from the Canadian Chefs Magazine 1960’s

Man with 3 Fish

Volume 1 No. 4. 1967. This month’s cover is a reproduction of a genuine Eskimo print, Number 74 by Aggeo. These unique prints are initially cut on a soapstone slab then colored inks are placed in the grooves of the etching. Craftsmen place rice paper over the design and the print is finished. Only 50 of each are produced; 25 are placed in the commercial market and 25 are placed in museums and art galleries across Canada.

The Inaugural Convention of the Canadian Federation of Chefs de Cuisine was held in 1963 in Edmonton at The Hotel Macdonald a Canadian National property. The fledgling Association grew in strength from coast to coast. The 1965 Convention was held in Victoria, British Columbia at The Empress Hotel a Canadian Pacific property. To mark this occasion the First National Magazine was published (Color and glossy Cover). The Convention Pilot Issue was launched on April 4th. 1966.

A regular feature in the Magazine at these times was called “The Great Cartoon Contest”. The Editors comments were: “Each month in this space a situation is created relating to the lighter side of living in the kitchen. You create the caption” These cartoon first appeared in the 1967 edition.

From the early days of the CFCC the Association spanned our country from coast to coast albeit with far fewer branches. The Canadian Chef Magazines of this period make fascinating reading. The members were serious about growth and there was a strong focus on professionalism. What also struck me was their prevailing sense of humor. The Magazine was peppered with touches of comedy and lighthearted yet relevant subject matter. The cartoons that follow are an indication of a prevailing attitude among our colleagues from that time. Banish the perception that they were serious minded “old fogies” with stern and unbending attitudes. They knew how to party. Enjoy the cartoons. Hamish Mitchell was the first editor of the Canadian Chefs Magazine. Maurice O’Flynn.

Canadian Chef Magazine Volume 1, No.1 April 1967

Volume 1, No. 1, April 1967

Canadian Chef Magazine Volume 1, No.2 May 1967

Volume 1, No. 2, May 1967

Canadian Chef Magazine Volume 1. No. 3. June 1967 Don Cutler

Volume 1, No. 3, June 1967

Canadian Chef Magazine Volume 1. No.5 1967.Dave Copeland

Volume 1, No. 5, 1967

Canadian Chef Magazine Volume 1. No.7. October 1967. J.E. Beauchamp

Volume 1, No. 7, October 1967

Canadian Chef Magazine Volume 1. No.8 November 1967. T.A. Paulley

Volume 1, No. 8, November 1967

Canadian Chef Magazine Volume 2.No.3 March 1968. Dave Fernie

Volume 2, No. 3, March 1968

Canadian Chef Magazine Volume 2. No. 7

Volume 2, No. 7

Canadian Chef Magazine Volume 1. No.9. December 1967 Recipe of the Month

Volume 1, No. 9, December 1967

Canadian Chef Magazine Volume 4. No.3

Volume 4, No. 3

Canadian Chef Magazine Volume 4 No. 10

Volume 4, No. 10