Pittsburgh's Culinary Olympic Chefs

In April of 1944 twelve Pittsburg chefs met at the home of Paul Laesecke. The chefs discussed means of encouraging a greater interest of culinary arts to the public. They wished to find ways to better acquaint chefs with the people of Pittsburg. These men wished to convey to the public the many opportunities and career paths that existed within the industry. It was their hope that people would choose this career path.

The shortage of skilled help in Pittsburgh's professional kitchens was one reason why this meeting was called. The group discussed ways and means of solving this problem.

These founding chefs were: Abel Bomberault; Lucien Chene; Albert Gasnier; Albert Guilloteau; Paul Laesecke; Peter Massot; Dino Nardi; Edourd Panchard; Otto Spielbichler; William Wagner; Joseph Winkelman and Gaston Zimmerman.

On June 24th 1944 the group held its second meeting at the Schenley Hotel. In the interim Paul Laesecke had been elected President and members had spread word of the group's formation. Approximately forty people attended this meeting and a group name was chosen: 'The Chefs Association of Pittsburgh.' By the next meeting held at the H.J. Heinz Company on July 19th 1944 there were over one hundred people in attendance. To take care of expenses each person put one dollar into the kitty which became the treasury.

* In February 1947 the CAP joined the American Culinary Federation.
* At the 1950 National Convention Paul Laesecke was elected President of the ACF
Source & Acknowledgments : American Culinary Federation Pittsburgh Chapter.

Paul Laesecke was Captain of Team USA at the 1956 Culinary Olympics, Frankfurt. To meet Paul's Team visit the link below: