Hungary, Bocuse D'Or, Lyon 2013 (Winner) UK, World Pastry Cup, Lyon 2013 (Winner)

A neat tradition has developed alongside the Bocuse d'Or and the World Pastry Championships. Both competitions run concurrently in Lyon every two years.

Each participating team must produce a poster that has some relevance to the team and competition theme. The posters are judged, and a winner declared. Now, the judges are not White Hats. The judging takes place online and the public at large select the winners.

In 2013, the winner from the participating teams at the Bocuse d'Or was Hungary. The winner from the World Pastry Cup was the United Kingdom. You can view all the entries online. Here you will see a few of my favourites, along with the two winners.

Canada, Bocuse D'Or, Lyon 2013 Italy, World Pastry Cup, Lyon 2013
Japan, World Pastry Cup, Lyon 2013 USA, World Pastry Cup, Lyon 2013

For further viewing of all Posters please go to the two links below and enjoy.

Bocuse d'Or Posters. Credit: Eater

World Pastry Cup Posters. Credit: Sirha Spirit