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The Editor proposes that this American Team may well have been one of the first teams from the USA to compete in a major European International Salon. Fifteen Teams Competed with the Swiss taking 1st place and Germany 2nd. I believe that Team America placed 5th.

“The Société Culinaire Philanthropique; the oldest association of cuisiniers in the United States, was founded on April 22nd 1865 by a group of French chefs: F. Lesourd; I. Ragot; F. Deliee; A.Wurth and Gustave Feraud. From its original membership of 35 members, the Société Culinaire Philanthropique now has over 400 members, of whom 160 are pensioned” (as of 1990.)

“Many of America’s most famous chefs are counted in its membership, and these men are responsible for the able organization of the annual culinary exhibits, which have done so much for the promotion of French Cuisine in the United States since 1866, which is the date of the inception of the annual Salon of Culinary Arts. These events have gained such recognition that since 1912 the French Government has presented a silver medal to the laureate of the Salon Culinaire as an official recognition of their achievement”

In recent years the show location has been held in conjunction with the International Hotel/Motel Show in Jacob Javits Center, New York City, NY. Looking back to 2013 we note that the winner of the Marc L.Sarrazin Trophy was Monroe College, New Rochelle, NY. This Grand Prize is for the best Buffet at the Salon

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Dean Kropp, ACF Big Apple Chapter