World Culinary Arts Festival Expo
1987, Vancouver, Canada

Canada National Team


Canada National Team
Canada National Team
L-R: Dorfler; Zimmerman; O'Flynn; Shibanuma; Sear

Manager Maurice O'Flynn, Executive Director
Alberta Culinary Arts Foundation, Edmonton AB
Captain Ernst Dorfler, Executive Chef
Four Seasons Hotel, Edmonton AB
Team Member Saburo Shibanuma, Patron
Ice Master, Vancouver BC
Kerry Sear, Executive Chef
Delta River Inn, Vancouver BC
Ian Neilson, Chef Instruction
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary AB

1st Place Singapore Singapore National Team
2nd Place Canada Canada National Team
3rd Place United States America National Team
4th Place Switzerland Switzerland National Team
Unknown Place South Africa South Africa National Team
Unknown Place Australia Australia National Team
Comments: Ian Neilson not shown. Replaced Fred Zimmerman who was injured prior to the competition

Researched and Compiled by Maurice O'Flynn

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